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  The Law Offices of Paul Casaudoumecq is a full service civil litigation law firm which excels in the successful advocacy of each clients legal rights through excellent preparation, research and strategic planning for each lawsuit; such that, the just, achievable and worthy objectives of each client are met or exceeded without exception. Below you will find some general information about the firm, it's areas of practice, it's history, and it's philosophy.  

Key Areas of Practice
Dispute Resolution
The Firm Logo & Motto
Construction Defect Litigation
Defense of Developers, General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Architects, Engineers and Building Owners in complex litigation involving allegations of Mold Exposure, Land Subsidence, Water Intrusion, Structural Failure, Architectural Defects and Professional Negligence. We handle cases involving Commercial High Rises, Condominium Projects, Housing Projects, Custom Homes and High Rise Apartments.

The subrogation program specializes in representing Insurers and Municipal Entities in catastrophic and large loss lawsuits. The Firm has successfully prosecuted several hundred large and medium sized subrogation actions taking several cases to a Jury verdict.

Employment Law and Litigation
Defense of Corporations and other business entities of all sizes against Labor related claims involving Wage and Hour laws, Benefits, ERISA, Wrongful Termination, Harassment and all aspects of State and Federal Employment Law.

Employment Law & Human Resources Seminars
The Firm regularly conducts 1-hour Seminars throughout California for Professional Associations and other Business Groups detailing Best Business Practices for managing employee relations and human resources in today's constantly changing legal environment.

Fire, Flood and Catastrophic Loss Litigation
Representation of Property Owners and Corporations affected by the tragedy of catastrophic loss through fire or flood. The Firm has a assembled a team of experts to analyze issues of "causation" in the immediate aftermath of any event involving catastrophic loss. The firm has successfully prosecuted several Trials recently in Southern California recovering millions of dollars in losses for our clients.

Business Consultation and Litigation
Representation of Businesses of all sizes regarding corporate formation, business contracts, lease negotiation and formation, buy/sell agreements, State and Federal licensing, franchising and business litigation. The firm has vast experience in all forms of business contract analysis, drafting, formation, negotiating and litigation.

Municipal Entity Defense
Defense of Municipal entities through California Tort Claims Act as outlined in the California Government Code Sections 815 et. seq. and 900 et. seq. We have an expertise in catastrophic injury cases, the Governmental "Design Immunity" and enforcing the indemnity rights of Public Entities.

Sports and Entertainment Law
Our Sports and Entertainment Law practice is founded on providing professional negotiating services for benchmark contracts. We draft all forms of production, talent and agency contracts. We specialize in crafting specific contractual terms to maximize our client's return on investment. We eliminate onerous contract provisions that are professionally and financially undesirable.

Insurance Coverage
We draft coverage opinions for Insurers with respect to ISO policies and custom policies. We make recommendations on drafting exclusions and addendum to assist in defining and clarifying risk for underwriters.

The Law Offices of Paul Casaudoumecq always considers the most cost effective mechanisms for dispute resolution. Many of today's court's mandate Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), and unfortunately, many do not. The firm is experienced at handling all forms of ADR including but not limited to:

• Binding Arbitration,
• Mediation,
• Non-Binding Arbitration,
• Voluntary Settlement Conferences, and
• Face to face meetings when appropriate.

The firm has handled literally hundreds of Arbitrations and Mediations with a 99% successful resolution rate. The Partners alone have over 19 years experience in using Arbitration and Mediation as an alterative to expensive Trial Procedures, which can be 10 times more costly than ADR.

The firm is experienced in handling more expensive and highly risky Binding Arbitrations, Bench Trials and Jury Trials when it is in the client's best interests. Additionally, Appeals to State and Federal Courts are handled within the firm on a case by case basis.

The firm logo incorporates several elements of the firm's past and the future.

The Eagle:
The firm looks to the Eagle as symbolic of the United States of America, of the best that this country represents and of overall excellence and achievement.

The Scales of Justice:
The scales of Justice are emblematic of each Attorney's ethical obligation to seek Justice for each and every client. Additionally, the scales are a primary symbol of Justice for all citizens as indicated on the official seal of the Supreme Court of the State of California. Each attorney in the firm has been admitted to practice before California's Supreme Court.

The Counter Charging Lions and Scrolls of the Interior Shield:
The Lions & Scrolls symbolize the firm's commitment to serious, committed and successful representation of each client through superior strength, superior will and superior knowledge.

The Firm Motto:
The firm motto is "Altiora Petimus". Translated from Latin the motto reads "We Seek Higher Things." This Latin inscription was originally found in the seal of the California Geological Survey. In the 1860's this group of intrepid explorers was charged with exploring and mapping the entire state to catalog the natural resources. During their travels members of the survey made sveral first ascents of the highest peaks in the nation.

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